Democratic Republic Of The Congo

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Comité d'Ethique du Nord-Kivu (Ethics Comittee of North-Kivu)

Université Catholique du Graben(Catholic University of Graben)

Faculty of Medicine

Dr Mundama Jean-Paul (

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Dr Mupenzi Mumbere (

Telephone number: +24 399 4343 652

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Université Catholique du Graben; Site Horizon C/O Centre de Recherche Clinique de Butembo, Commune Bulengera, Ville de Butembo, République Démocratique du Congo

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Postal Address: Catholic University of Graben, P.o. box 29 Butembo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The Ethics Committee of North-Kivu is implemented as a corrective action due to the lack of RECs operating on an international standard basis in the Democratic Republic of Congo where research activities are still at their first steps. Its members were trained in Nairobi(Kenya) at the workshop oganized by the Steve Biko Center for Bioethics in October 2010. They were also trained by the Panafrican Bioethics Initiative facilitators in the City of Butembo(D.R.Congo) in September 2011. It offers an effective possibility of skilled protocol ehtics review for research projects to be conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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